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In case you haven’t noticed, we all look and dress the same now. Social conformity is now in its best forms. (yaaay)

After a very thorough, in-depth, and frankly unnecessary research, I was able to find the “must-have” items that any Egyptian girl must acquire to become a fashion icon.

So here you have it, your guide to becoming a 2019 fashion icon:

Black/camel cargo pants (also referred to as “PUBG pants” in the Egyptian market for some weird reason):

They have been there for ages, and as far as I can remember, everyone used to hate them. But now, we couldn’t be happier that they’re finally back, to the extent that they’re out of stock from all stores.

Still, no one can pull it off like my girl did

Fanny packs/waist bag:

The cherry on top of your outfit, or on top your shoulder for some reason that I personally don’t get. Very practical though.

Still, no one can pull it off like my boy did

Fila sneakers (My personal favorite):

Fila made a ginormous return (a very shitty pun, I know) to the fashion scene in 2018 after being out of it for nearly 22 years. Cool sneakers tho, doesn’t make us look like Big Foot at all.

Animal prints:

UNLEASH YOUR INNER WILD PERSONALITY, but not too much please. The animal print pants are already too extra, just mix it with a basic t-shirt to avoid giving that “Madam Nemaar” vibe.

Madam Nemaar

All in all, it seems that every year an outdated fashion trend comes back in style, from flare/bootcut jeans, chokers and those vintage patterned shirts to the items mentioned in the list above.

Remember the time when we used to dress in NEON colors from head to toe? Cringy right? Well, probably a year from now these items, as well as this article will make you cringe too.

Hell, I’m cringing right now.



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