ta3ala waraya


The times they are a-changin’.

Ever sat down with your parents and heard their stories about their youthful days? What places they went to, what movies they saw, what music they listened to, what they wore or how they met?

As much as you may be fed up and bored out of your mind with these stories, some day, in the near or distant future, if global warming doesn’t kill us all, you’ll share these stories with your future partner, children and friends.

So, we’ve made a list of things we think you’ll long for and talk about in your old, gray haired days.

The list goes as follows:

1- Apps:

Yes, technology is always advancing, and in the future, we’d have very sophisticated re-inventions of the apps we use today; or maybe there won’t be a need for any apps anymore! But then again, to some of us, these apps aren’t just apps, they are much more.

For example, receiving a random DM from someone you’ve been crushing on for a while, a text from your best friend late at night telling you how much you matter to them, or seeing a meme that made you laugh your ass off.

These apps introduced us to people we hold dear to our hearts, acted out as a memory capsule in which we shared some of our favorite moments that we lived, and generally made us happy throughout our days.

Hell, we’re pretty sure that you miss the MSN and BBM days.

2- Spotat:

your boy with his boys taking the dopest pic in 2006

To mid-90s kids:
Remember when taking a photo on soor City Stars was the shit?

Well, it’ll be just like that with any place you currently chill at.

Wether it’s co-working spaces, coffeeshops (Espresso Lab or Starbucks), or even parking spots. We guarantee that you’ll miss these outings, those laughs you had, and these moments in general.

3- TV:

Remember where were you when Breaking Bad or Game Of Thrones’ finales aired? These moments will become stories you’ll share with the same passion you once had for these shows. (Although Game of Thrones finale sucked ass)

Just like you’re already nostalgic for Yawmeyat Wanees, El Nazer, and 3omaret Ya3qobian, you’ll be nostalgic for La Totfe2 El Shams, El Feel El Azra2, and Youmedinne.

4- Content and its creators:

From Tameem Youness’s Rasseni, Peace Cake’s Romanceya Manseya, Hesham Afifi’s Ta7leel Esterateegy, to Ahmed El-Ghandour’s El Da7ee7, we’ve had a lot of great content these last few years.

These people inspired, and will continue to inspire us to go out and create our own content for now, and for a long time.

5- Music:

The unprecedented and aesthetic shift that happened to the Egyptian underground music scene was one for the ages! From Dina El Wadidi, Massr Egbari, and Sharmoofers to Cairokee, we’re forever lucky to have witnessed such a shift.

All in all, reminiscing about the old days will always be a thing, not because we were happier, but because we choose the happiest moments to remember. The fact that times are always changing isn’t so bad, but constants are.

So, instead of being a windbag, enjoy right now, today.




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