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Nowadays, we see a lot of food ordering apps ads on our social network feeds. And it can get a little overwhelming. 

And with the frequency of these apps being released. We decided to be your guide and review them for you.

We’ll review these apps on the basis of their user interface, restaurant variety, delivery time, customer service and promotions.

We’ll give you our honest opinion about each one of them, and hopefully it’ll help you in deciding which one to order from, or hopefully get them to up their game a bit.

Keep coming back to this article as it’ll be updated whenever a new app shows up. 

  • Otlob:

The app that started it all, Otlob was the first food ordering app to hit the market. Founded back in 1999, it was just a website, until it launched its app in 2015.

  • User interface: Used to be poor, but got better.
  • Restaurants variety: Has the biggest variety of restaurants.
  • Delivery time: Orders get confirmed a lot quicker recently, and it takes up to an hour till the order gets delivered to you.
  • Customer service: Used to be shitty, but it’s getting better. They have a live chat where you can place your complains.
  • Promotions: Rarely gives out promo codes but it has in-app promotions almost always.
  • ElMenus:

ElMenus started out as an app that, well, has the menus of different restaurants and fast food joints. But in 2018, it upped its game by offering delivery services to its users.

  • User interface: Good considering that its both an ordering app, and a restaurant/menus directory app. 
  • Restaurants variety: Has a great variety of restaurants. 
  • Delivery time: Orders get confirmed quickly, and it takes up around 45 minutes to an hour till it arrives. 
  • Customer service: They answer quickly and they’re happy to help.
  • Promotions: Gives out promo codes almost every month, and sometimes they have in-app promotions.
  • Uber Eats:

Not new to the world, but new to Egypt, Uber Eats launched in Egypt back in August 2018. 

  • User interface: Simple and straight forward.
  • Restaurants variety: Has a good not great variety of restaurants.
  • Delivery time: Orders get confirmed quickly, it takes up around an hour till it arrives, and you can track your order as it’s coming to you.
  • Customer service: Great.
  • Promotions: Gives out promo codes almost every now and then.
  • Glovo: 

Just like Uber Eats, Glovo isn’t new in general yet new to Egypt. Originated in Spain back in 2015, Glovo started its operations in Egypt mid 2018.

But it’s not just a food delivery app, it delivers other stuff as well. From groceries and medicine to dry cleaning, Glovo delivers it all.

Not anymore tho.

On the 30th of last month, Glovo announced that it stopped all of its operations in Egypt.

Apparently the company that owns Otlob.com, The European Venture Capital, made a deal with Glovo that it’ll fund its expansion in other regions in exchange of leaving Egypt.

So long, Glovo, and godspeed.

  • Carriage:

Fresh of the boat from Kuwait, Carriage is the latest app to join the market. Just starting its operations in Egypt 2 months ago.

  • User interface: Simple. 
  • Restaurants variety: Has a few options to choose from.
  • Delivery time: Orders get confirmed quickly, and it takes up around 45 minutes till it arrives.
  • Customer service: Just like Uber Eats, Carriage’s customer service is great.
  • Promotions: Gives out promo codes almost every day, and they have in-app promotions almost always.

All in all, we don’t know if other apps will enter the market or one of these existing ones will dominate the market. All we can say is as that as long as we have a lot of options to choose from, and promo codes that make us get more food for less, we can’t complain.

Hell, we’re enjoying it. 

Tell us about your experience with any of these apps, or others we didn’t mention, in the comments.