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We all need a break and a place to chill at, and there’s no better place to chill at in summer than Sahel, right?


Sahel is not for chilling you uncultured swine, Sahel is for one thing and one thing only.

Showing off.

In the past, Marina was the place to be. But, that’s long gone now. We moved onto better, much more expensive things. Thank God.

So, if you’re new to the new Sahel, here’s a little guide we made of how to be the coolest person there this summer!

Where to go:

A place that is like no other, or if you really think about it, it’s like any other place. We present you Sidi Abdelrahman.

Hacienda Bay @ Sidi Abdelrahman

Sidi Abdelrahman has Hacienda, Marrassi, Telal and Diplo. They’re really “in” right now, but keep an eye out for what’ll soon top them over, Almaza Bay.

Hotel Jaz @ Almaza Bay

If you ask us what’s so special about these places, well, nothing really. You’ll just pay a shit load of money to go there, that’s if you’re able to get in to begin with.

Six Degrees, Credit: Identity Magazine

Why to go:

From mediocre parties and places to mediocre people, it’s the place to be!

You’ll get to take pics and post them on Instagram to get your feed popping! Cause if you aren’t posting your vacay pics on Instagram, are you even having fun?!

Take a photo with that flamingo bro it’ll be so dope

What to wear:

The more brands you wear, the more stylish you look. Remember, the focus here is looking good, not feeling good.

Also, the fitter you are, the better. Just don’t embarrass yourself and go there if you don’t have a “beach body”. No one wants to see that.

What to do:

Party, dance, drink, and most importantly, document. Documenting is way more important than actually enjoying yourself. So charge up that phone and take as many Instagram stories as you can get!

They’re the only reason you’re there if you think about it.

Credit: seethrumag

To be absolutely honest, we here at Kolwaka would love to do all of this, but we’re so underpaid it’s hilarious.

So, we decided to do what comes naturally and make fun.

We’re kinda sorry, but we’re kinda not.



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