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E-Cigarettes To Be Banned In Egypt?

No one loves the messenger who brings bad news, but oh well.

Early this week, an Egyptian Member of Parliament (MP) Amal Rizk-Allah pledged the motion to put an end to the trading of electronic cigarettes in the Egyptian market. Rizk-Allah states that various studies have proven that e-cigarettes are not that different from normal cigarettes. So why bother, you know?

Actually, the first death case in the US that’s allegedly thought to be a result of e-cigarettes, was announced a few days ago. The Egyptian MP urged the Ministry of Foreign Trade to take over the trade of e-cigarettes, and ban their importing because of their various health risks.

Reachers have found out that E-cigarettes may lead to diabetes type II, insulin resistance, increase in heart diseases or blood pressure, and more.

You’re probably thinking now: “doesn’t normal cigarettes do that type of damage, and maybe even more?” And to that we say, you’re absolutely right.

Maybe we’ll have to work on quitting nicotine once and for all. (Like that’s ever gonna work)