ta3ala waraya


The summer in Egypt isn’t like the summer in any place else.

The heat we have here is no joke. Whether you’re an ordinary or extraordinary person, the heat will get to you and you’ll surely struggle with it.

Since everyone took the last week of due to Eid, The Avengers decided to spend the week here in Cairo, mainly to blow of some steam after fighting super villains the whole year, and to see the sights as well.

Also, they wanted to try out Bashandy and Koshary El-Tahrir after trying Shawarma in their first movie.

A well deserved meal

And as extraordinary as they are, they didn’t account for the most important thing, and that thing is, the weather.

Let’s see how the Avengers coped with the weather during their stay, shall we?

Iron Man:

Stark Industries collaborated with Egypt’s own Unionaire to make the first ever central air conditioner for the whole city of Cairo, to help Egyptians go about their day without suffering from the heat.

The collaboration of the century

Also, Tony built his first air conditioned Iron Suit with Unionaire to be able to withstand Egypt’s truly unforgiving humidity.

Looks really dope too

Captain America:

Steve Rodgers may have led the Avengers into many, many battles, but he know that if he battled Egypt’s sun, he’ll always lose.

Also, he’s not ready for a tan.

So, he turned his shield into an umbrella to withhold Egypt’s sun.

Black Panther:

T’Challa sat this one out.

He told the rest of his super colleagues that as fun as Egypt is, it doesn’t have state-of-the-art central air conditioning like Wakanda. The team went on and travelled to Egypt anyway, only to find out that T’Challa was right.

When asked about it, he said and we quote:“Look who’s laughing now?”

He is, T’Challa’s the one laughing

Winter Solider:

He couldn’t handle the heat.

Rest in heaven, fam


The friendly neighborhood Spidey isn’t really about relaxing and taking the day off. But to be able to continue helping people and not melt from the sun, he went only his boxers and mask to swing around freely.

At least until Tony makes him one of those Unionaire suits.


Just like a banana, the green monster turned yellow due to the extreme heat.

And to be really honest, it is NOT a good look for him.


Being the god of thunder, you’d think Thor would be able to handle the weather a little bit better, and he is. He always used his hammer, Mjolnir, to fly around and get to places.

But now, he’s using it the best way he could.

Very eco-friendly as well

All in all, If you’re able to withstand this horrible weather and go on with your day without having any superpowers, then the real superhero in all of this, is you.