ta3ala waraya


The world has always been very curious about a highly classified American Air Force military base in Nevada known as “Area 51”.

Yes, even before the memes.

Whatever it takes. (queue Avengers’s theme song)

This base, or area, has been assumed to have chemical and nuclear weapons, the cure of cancer, and even aliens!

An alien chilling in the cut @ Area 51

So I did what came naturally and thought about what could possibly be in Area 51 if it was in Egypt. What secrets would our government like to keep it hidden?

An interesting thought, right?

Well, without further ado, here’s what I thought about:

  • Egyptian women being respected:
Just like in 1370 BC!

Reporters say that there’s a strange phenomena of respecting women is occurring in the area. It’s said that the women there are able to go about their day freely without being harassed!

The government is trying to keep things contained as it’s afraid that other Egyptian women would get word of what’s happening and would like to have such rights as well!

  • Four guys who work in the field of what they actually studied:
Just look how happy they are!

Leaks from inside the area say that four guys have been found working in the field of what they studied in college!

What a time to be alive.

  • Governmental employees who actually work:
Fave place on earth!

This could be the best leak so far!

It’s reported that the paper work in the area is done in an instant without any torture! Can you imagine such a thing?

All in all, these are just some leaks, they maybe right and they may be wrong. No one is certain but we can dream.

I mean, who knows?



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