ta3ala waraya


Ahmed El-Ghandour, aka El Da7ee7, is an American University in Cairo (AUC) graduate. Yet as a Biology Sciences major, he always had a love for other fields of science. And he wanted to share the knowledge he has, and that is out there, with others.

The reason why he started making videos in the first place was that he wanted to make science cool and funny, to reach and resonate with Egyptians who may or may not be interested in science in general.

But his videos aren’t only about science.

He discusses other topics like art, history, philosophy, maths, biology, physics, astronomy and psychology.

The idea of making the show first came to him back in 2014, when he was competing in a science related competition in the British Consulate. And after some extensive research, he made a couple of videos, and uploaded them on Youtube.

He mentioned in an interview he did with El Watan News, that he’d take his mom’s burqa (3abaya) to put in the background, some papers from his dad to fix the lighting, and his bro’s camera to shoot the first couple of episodes.

Ahmed also used to edit, write, and produce the show before it got picked up by +AJ network. And as soon as it did, his videos got longer and had much better production quality. Episodes went from ranging between 2 to 3 minutes, to 10 to 15 minutes. (which means more of that sweet stuff)

We urge you to check out his videos if you haven’t, his quirkiness and jokes will leave you laughing and at the end of the day more informed. It’s really worth your time. 

You can find his videos here