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It go down in the DM (it go down!)

A couple of days ago, the famous Egyptian football player, Amr Warda, tried to shoot his shot with Egyptian instagram model, Merhan Keller, and everyone’s talking about it right now.

Here’s a video compiling her instagram stories explaining the whole thing.

Warda wasn’t the only one who viewed Merhan’s story. Ahmed Hassan Kouka, Mahmoud Hamdy and Ayman Ashraf viewed it as well, yet Ayman was the only one who didn’t message her. She also mentioned that one of them told her that he shouldn’t be ignored and that he’ll get her number one way or another (sheesh!), yet she didn’t mention who, or post any screenshots.

We could agree that this whole incident got a whole lot of attention than it deserves, the focus remains on Warda as it is not his first time to get involved in similar incidents and accusations. One can say that he earned him a reputation of trying to shoot his shot with girls over instagram, and apparently failing.

However, we can’t stress enough the importance of viewing both sides of the conflict before putting out an unbiased moral opinion on the incident.

Now, this is where it gets kinda tricky, as it basically boils down to the controversy of the topic. You’re with or against both parties involved.

Some think that Warda is no angel, he’s a man. And just like many men, he has no idea how to chat a girl up, still, he’s a normal guy, and that this whole thing wouldn’t have happened if he was perceived in that matter tho.

On the other hand, some think that he’s a sexual harasser, as he has history of similar accusations and incidents of hitting up girls on instagram and asking them if they can, in his own words, “come Greece”.

In conclusion, we here at Kolwaka think that this got blown a whole lot out of proportion, but hey, at least we’ve got some good memes out of it.

So, we complied our favorite ones for you.

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